An Interview by Patrice Palmer from

Steve Mullen has spent the past 10 years developing an online platform for teachers and students called MyLAMPA. Find out how the motto “Teachers Together” relates to […]

Teaching Profanity to Foreign Language Learners

How the heck do I teach profanity without offending or embarrassing anyone and… should I even go there? It would be a mistake to be flippant […]

What do language learners expect?

The bar is always being raised in TEFL In the early 90s, when unkempt, grubby-jean-wearing, goatee-sporting, teaching travellers like me used to hang out in Prague […]

Communication versus Correctness in the EFL Classroom

As natives speakers, we all have did mistakes in our own language when we discuss about stuff. This is normal – our tongues sometimes move more quickly […]